Flexible Payment Options

We understand that managing expenses for cosmetic treatments can be challenging, which is why we offer flexible payment options tailored to your financial circumstances. For instance, let’s consider Laser Hair Removal for underarms ($65) and lower legs ($100), where typically at least 6 treatments are necessary for optimal hair reduction. The total cost is $415 plus GST, totaling $173.25 for one treatment. When multiplied by 6 treatments, the total is $1039.50.

To secure your appointment, a deposit of $50 per treatment is required, totaling $300. Upon subtracting this deposit from the total cost ($1039.50), we arrive at $739.50, which is then divided by the 6 treatments. As a result, each treatment’s cost is determined by this balance. Therefore, following the initial investment of $300.00, each subsequent appointment will be priced at $123.25.