About Us

Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime at Just Be Massage and More. Enjoy an enchanting setting, warm and inviting staff and explore all the amazing treatments available. Just Be Massage and More is a place of true relaxation, and we are devoted to calming your mind, body and soul.

Just Be Massage provides advanced therapeutic, cupping, hot stone, relaxation massage and nourishing facials in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment.  

We offer the highest quality of care to our clients. We customize each treatment to meet your specific needs. 

Our practice is dedicated to improving the general well-being of all our clients.

Our Vision

To provide  a cultivated space for every person to experience truly unique treatments where they feel comfortable, pampered, and beautiful inside and out. 

We believe in the importance of connection with body, mind, spirit, earth, and community. 

A place to reconnect to self and just be…