5 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Menopause

When you began experiencing signs that you were entering menopause, you might have had some complicated emotions around these changes. It takes time to adjust to this new chapter of life. Furthermore, here are some tips on keeping up with self-care throughout menopause, from redesigning your home with comfort in mind to picking up a sustainable exercise routine.

Create a Comfortable Environment at Home

Having a cozy space to relax can help you cope with the symptoms of menopause. This is a good time to focus on decluttering your home. You could clean out your closets and rearrange your wardrobe, organize your cabinets to save time while cooking, and even use extra pockets of space for new purposes. For example, you may want to design a small “zen corner” where you can set up a yoga mat and meditate when you need to unwind.

Start a Fitness Routine

Exercise may help you deal with the changes happening in your body. With regular workouts, you’ll feel stronger and more flexible. It’s important to pay close attention to how your body feels throughout your workouts. You do not have to push yourself too hard. Instead, try starting with gentle workouts, and slowly increasing the intensity of your exercise sessions with time. That way, you can avoid injuries and soreness.

Furthermore, even if you don’t have much time to go to the gym, you can still incorporate more physical activity into your day schedule. For instance, you can choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, commit to walking during your lunch break, or even bike to work.

Work With a Therapist

You don’t have to take on menopause by yourself. Instead, consider working with a therapist who can give you the support you need to navigate this period of life. To find the right therapist, Greatist recommends looking up local therapists through an online database and creating a shortlist with a few people who seem promising. Most therapists offer free consultations before you book an appointment, so you can find out if you’re a good fit before scheduling a session.

Eat a Healthy Diet

When you enter menopause, it’s exceptionally important to support your body with a nutritious diet. Try to cook at home whenever possible, and avoid sipping on sugary drinks – stick with water, coffee, and tea instead. Henry Ford Health also recommends eating lots of fruits and vegetables for antioxidants, fatty fish for omega-3 fatty acids, and protein-packed foods. You might also benefit from avoiding spicy foods, which can worsen your hot flashes and contribute to heartburn. To instantly make all of your meals a little bit healthier, try eating some fruit or a side salad with each meal. It’s a low-effort way to get some extra vitamins and minerals.

Pamper Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to show yourself some love. You deserve to pamper yourself, and you should enjoy your downtime. You might want to soak in a hot bath with a bath bomb and essential oils or write in a journal to explore your feelings. You can also schedule a relaxing massage or advanced facial with Just Be Massage and Wellness. By practicing self-care, you can honor yourself in menopause. Each day, try to block off a little time for an activity you love.

It can be difficult to accept all of the changes that come with menopause. But over time, you’ll find yourself embracing this new stage of life and all of the wisdom it brings. With these tips, you can revamp your home, get into a fitness routine, and find a therapist who can offer you valuable guidance.

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This article was written by Brad Krause. Brad created Self Caring to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he has found on his self-care journey.

Photo via Pexels